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Davit Cranes

Portable Davit Cranes
First Mate 5PF5
First Mate 5122
Ensign 500 5PA5
Ensign 1000 5PA10
Commander 1000 5PT10
Commander 2000 5PT20
Thern Admiral 3000 5PT30
Thern 5124 Portable Davit Crane

Thern Stationary Davit Cranes

Thern Captain 1500 571
Thern Captain 2200 572

Thern Power Winches

Thern Power Winches WS Series
4WS Series Power Winches Up to 6,000 lbs
4WS Series Power Winches Up to 26,000 lbs
ThernPower Winches HS Series
Power Winches 4HS Series
Thern HWF Series Power Winches
Power Winches HWF Series
Thern HPF Series Power Winches
Power Winches HPF Series
4HBP Series Power Winches

Thern Portable Power Winches

Thern Capstan Winches
3WG4 Series Portable Power Winches
4WP2 Series Portable Power Winches
4WP2D Series Portable Power Winches
477 Series Portable Power Winches

Thern Air Winches

Thern C Series Air Winches
C Series Air Winches
Thern Mini Series Air Winches
Mini Series Air Winches
Thern Big Red Legacy Series Air Winches
Big Red Legacy Air Winches
Big Red TA10 Air Winches

Thern Hand Winches

Thern Spur Gear Hand Winches
Spur Gear Hand Winches
Spur Gear Hand Winches Double Reduction
Thern Worm Gear Hand Winches
Worm Gear Hand Winches
2W40 Worm Gear Hand Winches

Thern Rope and Rigging

Thern Electric Controls

Thern Single Speed Motor Control
Thern Variable Speed Motor Control
Thern Electric Drum Control Switches
Thern Custom Controls

Thern Engineered Systems