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2 Year Warranty

Thern Captain 2500 - 5FT25

Up to 2,800 lbs. Capacity

With load capacities up to 2800 lbs. and designed for permanent installation, the Captain 2500 features maximum flexibility with an adjustable boom to reach a wide range of height, angle, and reach combinations. The Captain 2500 features a boom that extends to four different lengths positions and adjusts in height with a ratchet screw-rack. This versatile davit crane can be operated with a hand or power winch which makes them ideal for many applications like lifting and lowering pumps, equipment, & tools. The Captain 2500 heavy-duty cranes are durable and built to last.

• Load ratings up to 2,800 lbs (1,271 kg)
• Two Corrosion-Resistant Finishes
• Manual, Drill Drivable, Electric, Hydraulic or Pneumatic Operation
• 360º Rotation
• 2-Year Standard Warranty
• Adjustable Boom Angle*
  *With ratchet-style screw-jack option