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2 Year Warranty *Optional 5 Year Warranty Available

• voltage and phase required
• motor horsepower
• pendant control cord length — up to 50 feet
• pendant control labeling — For/Rev or Up/Down

Thern Variable Speed Electric Motor Control

For 3 phase 230 VAC motors from 1 to 25 hp and 3 phase 460 VAC motors from 1 to 60 hp.

Every venue is different and Thern, Inc. understands the value of a tailored system. Using only high quality UL components, we can design and build a customized, value-added control system to your exact specifications and venue requirements.

10:1 Infinitely Variable Speeds Controls provide accurate positioning of loads, soft starts, soft stops, and overload protection.
Frequencies greater than 50 Hz are possible in no load or light load conditions decreasing rigging time.
Diagnostic and Troubleshooting Capabilities: digital display provides drive status.
Programmable Performance keypad is adjustable to control acceleration and deceleration rates.
Steel Enclosure NEMA 12 rated (indoor). NEMA 4 rated (watertight) enclosures also available.
Pendant Control Switch NEMA 4X rated (watertight) with 3 step infinitely variable speed push buttons on 50-foot cord, allows operator to stand away from winch during operation. Pendant control is operated with momentary contact-type push buttons. Cord lengths of less than 50 feet are available. Please specify when ordering.
UL, IEC or CSA Recognized components throughout.
Electronic Thermal Overload Relay provides motor overload protection and is field programmable.
Wiring Diagram is supplied inside enclosure.
Options available include multiple axis, remote controls, mainline contact, disconnect switch, enclosure temperature controls, indicating lights, selector switches, horn and bells, meters and limit switches. Contact mdi for more information.
Two-Year Limited Warranty

not for lifting people

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  • multiple axis
  • remote controls.
  • mainline contact
  • disconnect switch
  • enclosure temperature controls
  • indicating lights
  • selector switches
  • horn and bells
  • meters and limit switches